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Western Digital have announced their fastest, densest and most flexible lineup of IntelliFlash™ all-flash arrays. Introducing the new OS 3.10, and some powerful features to make scaling and data protection easy. Here’s everything you need to know about IntelliFlash 3.10.

“Best in Class” Performance – Get the Most from NVMe™  with IntelliFlash N-series

Some applications need all the performance they can get.  Your transactions, and your customers, benefit from low latency.  Faster database queries mean better productivity for your staff.  Better performance can allow virtualized environments to enable further consolidation and potential budget benefits.  When you want storage performance, you want NVMe flash arrays.  If you want “Best in Class” random performance for mid-range full-featured NVMe all-flash arrays, you want the IntelliFlash N-series.   

From Silicon-to-Systems, Western Digital pride themselves on their capabilities. This includes leadership in creating NAND flash storage in their Fab where they make the fundamental building blocks for faster storage. Today, they’re making fast data even faster with the announcement of IntelliFlash OS 3.10. This new OS brings improved performance and management to ensure you get what you need, when you need it, from your all-flash array.  

Western Digital have tuned the IntelliFlash OS 3.10 with improved data pathways to get the most from the NVMe-to-flash working relationship. The result is “Best in Class” random performance with latency as low as 200µsec and throughput as high as 1.7M IOPS for fantastic productivity.

Don’t Need Extreme Performance? 

What if you want to get great NVMe performance but you don’t want the extreme performance? Maybe an entry performance option is sufficient.  Along with the OS 3.10 update, Western Digital have expanded the IntelliFlash N-series. This includes the new N5100 entry system for a great balance of high performance at an entry price for a business value offering that will interest many shops.  As you might suspect the N5100 also uses the new IntelliFlash OS 3.10 for maximum advantage. 

Flexibility is Key – Scale Out Made Easy 

What if you want to scale-out your N-series IntelliFlash array?  Maybe you have storage pools that need the highest performance, but you can scale out to less expensive and less performant storage as needs change.  We have you covered.   

Now with OS 3.10 you can scale out with the new 15TB SSDs in a SAS configuration. This is ideal for a great expansion that allows IntelliFlash storage to meet changing workload demands.  Another new feature in OS 3.10 is Live Dataset Migration. This allows those data pools to be moved to a new location or new IntelliFlash, while the system is operating, without downtime.  Flexibility now has a name: Live Dataset Migration. 

Data Protection 

When you’re ready to protect this data, the new S3 Cloud Connector enables a hybrid cloud configuration. This means you can place your snapshots in AWS™ for protection off-site and easily move the data without heavy lifting.  Alternately, you could use the S3 Cloud Connector to move snapshots to any compliant S3 object storage, including the ActiveScale™ Cloud Object Storage system. 

When managing such a powerful system, you’ll want powerful management, such as the recently enhanced IntelliCare™ cloud based storage analytic tool.  It’s a great way to manage your SLAs and your environment.   

As you can see, Fast Data didn’t just get faster, it got better with IntelliFlash 3.10.  You should check it out for yourself.

Article by Erik Ottem. Erik is the Senior Director, Product Marketing of Western Digital’s Data Center Systems, with 25+ years of experience in high tech storage.