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“We’re too small for IT Support.” Six words I hear far too often!

Firstly, on a personal note – think bigger! A company who thinks they are “too small” will stay “too small”

In today’s world of business IT is a necessity, whether you are a Builder, Baker or Candle Stick Maker, without IT your business is going to grind to a halt.

Take the two scenarios below:

Imagine the busy sole trader, managing everything from his invoices and emails to the order he needs to place for his next job. Imagine his PC won’t turn on one morning. No Emails, no invoicing, no orders, no online banking – Just like that things start to break down. Jobs become delayed, customers become unhappy and he has wasted a day or more trying to figure out what’s wrong with his PC or worse yet taken it to his mate round the corner who charges and arm and a leg to tell him it can’t be fixed!

So what now? He’s buys a new PC right? Simple! Expensive, but an easy fix that gets his business back on track. But what about the invoices he had saved to his desktop? The job lists saved in his documents or the images for his social media saved in his pictures folder? There all stuck on the old PC, with no backup and no IT Support to help retrieve the data.

Now Imagine this. The same busy sole trader starts the day and his PC won’t turn on. He rings his IT support who attempt to resolve the issue over the phone. The PC still won’t turn on! An engineer collects the faulty PC and replaces it with a fully working temporary replacement. Including all the invoices he had saved to his desktop, the job lists saved in his documents and the images saved in his pictures folder from the daily backup that was setup for this exact reason.

But IT supports expensive right? Option one may be a pain but it’s cheaper in the long run? Wrong! An average desktop PC will set you back around £500. All Inclusive IT Support can cost as little as £1 Per Day. That’s only £360 per year, and that’s not just your PC, that covers your Printer, Laptop, Desktop and much more.

XPS Solutions offers IT Support form just £1 per day. Get an instant quote right now for your business.

Article by Andy Lickiss, Head of Sales at XPS Solutions Ltd.